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What Is Dropshipping?


Dropshipping: is probably the easiest way to start your own business.

That's right, there is no easier business on the internet today. If you are not familiar with the concept - it is very simple..

The concept of using a dropshipper, is very similar to that of being in the mail order business - almost zero overheads, no products to store, and no posting to do. The dropshipper does all the hard work for you; leaving you free to concentrate on making the sales from your website.

The Stock: The dropshipper will allow you to advertise any stock they hold, and at trade prices - This stock is already loaded onto your website.

The Sales: When you make a sale from your website, you simply log into the supplier's website (the dropshipper website we supply you) and place your order.

The Delivery: When you have placed the order on the supplier's website, the supplier (the dropshipper) will post the item directly to your customer's home.

The Profits: You make the profit, between the price you sell for on your website, and the price you buy at from the supplier.

Very Simple - Example..

1. You sell a product for £10; and your customer pays you £10.

2. You buy the product from one of our dropship websites for £5.

3. You make £5 profit.

You can set your own prices on your website, and your own profits. You also keep 100% of all profits generated, no cuts, no delivery, no hassles...Just a whole inventory of products to make profits from. You can also sell the products on eBay, or any other auction sites you wish.

Imagine, being able to sell a great product range, from your website, and on eBay, and when you make a sale, the dropshipper deals with everything for you - and you keep the profits in your bank account. More people start a business online, than in any other area - There is good reason for that.

Dropshipping really is the easiest way you can set yourself up in business.

Also, there will never be a better time to do it. Please click the link below and decide on which product range you would like to earn your profits from, and which products you would like to promote via your website, and on auction sites.

Some companies charge as much as £99 for a dropship account. When investing in your own website business, with UKDropshipgroup, there are no fees for access to the dropshippers - it is Free Access.

Please click the graphic below to choose your website business today:


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